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Yap, it's me again. I'm back with another story about my twisted-17-years-old-girl life.

It's past 5 days since October and I've become a college student for about one month. And, yeah, it wasn't as easy as you thought. My whole life changes. When I was still a high school student I thought it would be easier to be a college student. Like seriously, I didn't need to learn chemistry and biology that I hate the most, I didn't need to listen my teacher lecture about history or civic or anything that made me so sleepy, I didn't need to memorize dizzying formulas, etc... That's must be fun, right? But, damn, no. NO! College life isn't that easy. The reason I chose architecture engineering because drawing is something I like the most. In my high school life I used to draw every time and everywhere. But when I start my college life, it's all change... It isn't that easy. Drawing become something, well, how to say it, something that fascinating yet exhausting :) This day, I would feel so grateful if at one night I could still have time to sleep for about 2-3 hours. Soooo, to every 3rd grader that complain about how school seizes your time, well, just wait till you become a college student :)) But wait, I didn't say college life will kill you with all of that tasks. Of course there is something that made me happy and made me feel so grateful. Something that evoke my spirit. Cause this place is my passion :)) Even it changes my whole life but I this is really worth it. Choose wisely, be in a place that you really want to be. Because how tough it could be, as long as it's your passion, you could pass it.

Whoaa, it seems I've talk to much :) Well, I just hope this October being nice to me :) 
Marigold - October flower
Well, keep smile and keep blogging!
Merci :))